I’m Jeanette Herting. I blog about politics, travel, food & wine, history, expatriate life, humanitarian causes, and interesting people I’ve met all over the world while having interesting adventures all over the world.

I worked at Microsoft until September 2001. It was an incredible career experience and I made some lifelong friends there, but I decided it was time to “leave campus” and “graduate.”

Since then, I’ve traveled everywhere, learned new languages, studied at Le Cordon Bleu and La Sorbonne, and done life-changing relief work in the developing world.

Consequently, the questions “Where are you from?”, “Where have you been?”, “Where do you live?”, and “What are you doing these days?” require really long answers. Read on and you’ll start getting the idea.

You can email me or post comments in English, French, Italian, Spanish, or العربية.


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